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Hamilton Cleaning Services – Pristine Clean

Don’t have the time to keep your home or office clean and tidy?

Look no further for Hamilton Cleaning Services than Pristine Clean. We have been operating in Hamilton for just over 10 years now, and with our team of highly skilled staff we will ensure that your home or office is left beautifully clean, hygienic, and ready for the next day.

Pristine Clean offers a large range of cleaning services in Hamilton and will stand by our eco friendly products, which we source from local suppliers.

For a full list of the cleaning services we offer in Hamilton check us out at the following link

Or if you have any questions you want answered now check out our Frequently Asked Questions at…

Call or text today so you have more time to do the things you love!

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Three Great Reasons to Buy a Condo

Many people looking to move into an urban area, often find themselves faced with the decision of whether to buy a condo in the city or a house in the suburbs.  Whilst there are pros and cons to both decisions, a condo can be an awesome choice.  It is a kind of hybrid between an apartment and a house, and is the ideal choice for people who want to be located centrally.  So whether you want to buy a condo in Montreal, New York, or London, keep reading for three reasons why it is a great idea.

1. No Yard Maintenance

As a busy worker, it’s unlikely that you have the time available to maintain a yard – you probably struggle to maintain your home!  Luckily, condos come with well maintained yards that you will have no responsibility to look after.  Instead, you will be expected to pay a set fee to a condominium association, and it is these who will take care of everything outside of your condo – from mowing the lawns, to ploughing snow, and repairing the roof.  This is a great option for busy people who want to live in nice surroundings, but don’t have the time or money to be worrying about things like this.  It is, however, important to check out your condominium association before buying – whilst the majority are great, there are some that do slack.

2. It’s Cheaper Than Buying a House

Of course, the price of a condo varies depending on where it is located, what amenities are included, and the size of the apartment, however in general it is cheaper to buy a condo than a house, especially in affluent cities where small family homes are hard to obtain, which drives up the prices.  As an example, if you were to buy a 2400 square foot town house in Boston, you could expect to pay around $1 million.  However, the price for a similar sized condo would be around $750,000.  This is a significant difference.  It is, however, important to remember that you also need to account for the association fees which could be as much as $1000 a month in some communities.  Unplanned expenses do happen with houses, though, so the monthly cost may work out to be comparable over time.

3. There’s a Sense of Community

Whilst plenty of homeowners love the community that they live in, nothing can be compared to the community feeling in a condo.  Because of the close proximity of living spaces, even just picking up the mail or taking out the trash can turn into an hour long conversation.  You can create friendships that will last for years.  Before moving into a condo, however, it is important to speak to your new neighbours and vet them out.  The last thing you want is a noisy neighbour who listens to loud music late into the night when you’re trying to sleep.  It’s not a common problem, but it has happened to people before.

So, if you are planning a move to an urban area – consider buying a condo.  You won’t regret it!

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DIY or Hire A Contractor?

Los Angeles is home to almost four million people. Many of these residents prefer to renovate their existing home rather than move to an already remodeled house or build a new one. These homeowners may feel that by doing some of the renovations themselves, they will save money. But, as you may be aware, choosing the DIY route can get tricky, leading to costly repairs. Many people feel that after watching numerous do-it-yourself videos or a certain number of home improvement episodes that renovating should be easy. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case, and homeowners may not realize this until a lot of time and money have been spent.

With the rising costs of materials that are needed for renovations, finding a reputable and experienced  remodeling contractor can actually save you money. Contractors not only have materials available, but also have contacts to help you find the least expensive materials for your home renovation. Plus, a licensed contractor is familiar with all of the city permits and safety codes, which allows the job to be done correctly the first time, avoiding any costly mistakes. When you hire an experienced contractor, you won’t need to worry about finding different workers necessary when doing a complete remodel, such as quality electricians, plumbers, kitchen designers, flooring installers, etc. Instead, the licensed contractor has the correct professionals to do the work, and guarantees their work.

So, when you want to update and remodel your kitchen or bathroom, or add more space to your home with a room addition or want a patio enclosure built to bring the outdoors in, or a patio cover to allow you to comfortably enjoy the outdoors, or decide to have your homes electric and plumbing upgraded, make life easier on yourself and hire a professional. If you feel that you would like to hire a contractor but don’t know how to do it, you may want to start by looking online. Not only will you get a list of available contractors, but you can also see reviews, as well as, before and after pictures. The contractor should be able to come to your home, see the work entailed and give you an exact price quote.

If you know someone who has had renovations done on their home and liked the results, find out who they used. This is how we at  State Wide Construction and Remodeling in Los Angeles, proudly get most of our work from.

Should you want to get a FREE in home, exact price quote for any remodel you may be considering, call our toll free number at 1-800-840-5377 OR call Joe Grimberg, a CSLB licensed contractor and engineer for over two decades directly at 1-818-633-5462 to schedule a time to meet.

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3 Review Tips That Can Save You Money When Buying A Home Security System

A home security system is one of the most effective ways that you can keep your family, home, and belongings safe. Even if you have a good home insurance plan in place, investing in a home security system can not only give you peace of mind but also save you more money in the long run. These systems can be expensive and it would be natural to wonder if it is worth the cost, especially if you are already paying for your home insurance. But not buying a home security system because of the cost might prove to be costlier in the long term than buying one.

To save money when buying a home security system, it would be worthwhile to first get an idea of the different types of systems available. Next, you would have to identify what your needs are and find a match for your needs from the systems available in the market.

The different types of systems can be generally categorized into those that are monitored, unmonitored, wireless and electric current systems.

  • A monitored system is linked to the home security company. They will inform the police in the event of a break-in.
  • An unmonitored system is one in which you will have to call the law enforcement agencies yourself, but the system itself sounds a loud alarm both inside and outside your house that will alert you to the threat, giving you enough time to call the police as well as potentially scaring away the intruders.
  • The wireless system connects to a motion sensor or camera wirelessly.
  • The electric current system triggers an alarm if a door or window is broken in.

Once you have decided on which type of system you are going to buy, you might be interested in looking for ways to save money when buying it. Here are three review tips that can save you money when buying a home security system:

  1. Inform your insurance company after you have installed the system. This is one way you can get substantial savings because most insurance companies will give you a heavy discount for the money you pay them monthly. They do this because they know that the system can effectively ward off a burglary and so you are less likely to file a burglary claim. These savings that they get are transferred to you. Some insurance companies even offer you a discount to buy the system. This is done when you buy a system from a company that they have a partnership with. They will then give you a discount on equipment and installation fees.
  2. Installing it yourself: Some wireless systems are DIY which gives you savings on the cost of installation.
  3. Monitoring it yourself: Most wireless systems can be controlled through your phone or computer through the app or website. You will receive notifications and phone calls every time the motions sensors get triggered. Monitoring it yourself in real time saves you the cost of monthly maintenance fees.


As you can tell I put a lot of time and effort into these 3 tips to save you good money.  The ultimate decision is yours when it comes to which security company to use.  For more in depth reviews on security companies, visit Alarm Reviews.  I found their research on companies the most accurate with current information on promotions, pricing and pictures of each company’s equipment.  They vote ADT to be number one but you can visit them and decide that for yourself.

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Moroccan Decor – Present As An Indoor Wedding Gift

Looking for unique gift ideas that your beloved newlyweds are going to appreciate as a great wedding gift? Why not go for Moroccan décor or related accessories? Moroccan décor unique, comfortable, bold and timeless.


An armoire tends to be an incredible idea if you are considering having it as a wedding gift for a couple that is looking forward to have their bedroom furniture done, or want to have decorative storage pieces for their room. If you opt for a Moroccan style armoire, it is usually hand carved, hand tooled and exhibits unique and rich colors and details. An armoire can be useful in keeping your electronics such as stereo or TV or can turn out to be a perfect closet extender by providing adequate space to hang clothes as well as the folded clothes and accessories.

Glass and Ceramics

Any newlywed couple would love to receive a Moroccan décor vase, glass or urn pieces. The Moroccan ceramics offer bold color, intricate detail, and superior craftsmanship. Such vases can be utilized as conversation pieces or decorative accents for just about any room.


One of the great means to add great ambiance to your room is to make use of the lighting such as lamps and lanterns. No Moroccan decor style is complete without a Moroccan sconce, lamp or lantern. This would come up as an ideal accessory for the newlyweds to brighten up any decor.

Room Dividers

An amazing wedding present for any couple would be a room divider, and what great style to go when thinking of a room divider? For most of the couples who are starting out, living area will be quite limited and one of the great means to divide the small spaces and create a bit more privacy for them is to make use of the room dividers. You will find Moroccan room dividers that come in numerous styles but nearly all feature tricky filigree, bringing a class and quite a detail to the room.


One other means to make small areas appear larger is to make use of the mirrors. A couple would love to have a gorgeous Moroccan style mirror. Moroccan mirrors come with frames that have extraordinarily detailed and intricate designs with superior quality accents such as silver and camel bone.

Last but not the least, the Moroccan decor items tends to be the best gift ideas ever especially if you are looking something for a newly married couple. Moroccan style is a trend that is never going to be out of style.