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3 Quick Tips For Cleaning Red Wine Off Your Area Rug

Area rugs can be wonderful staples for any room in your home. They can add color and texture, and they can enhance your decor. What happens, however, if you spill red wine on your area rug? This can be a worrisome situation, especially when dealing with a hard to remove substance like wine. If this is a concern you have and you want to ensure you are prepared should an accident like that happen, Rugknots have the top three tips for cleaning red wine off your area rug.

Use Salt

Many people do not realize that using salt on a red wine stain can truly save the day. You can soak up most of the wine with paper towels, but there will still be lots of the liquid that you will not be able to remove. This is where salt can come to the rescue. Pour a very generous amount on the stain while it is still fresh. The salt grains will work to soak up the stain. The way this works is that salt sucks up the moisture, which means that it will not work on stains that are already dry. This can take some time, so do not be in a rush to remove the salt. The longer the salt sits on the stain, the more likely it will be able to remove all of it form the rug.

Vinegar Solution

Another option to remove red wine stains from area rugs is to use a vinegar solution. You can make this solution y mixing one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, one tablespoon of white vinegar, and two cups of warm water. Stir so that they are well combined. Be sure to only use white vinegar because other kind of vinegar can end up causing more stain issues. When the mixture is ready, soak a clean rag with it and dab it onto the stain. Never rub the stain, which can only spread it. With another rag, dry this time, blot the stain to soak up as much of the wine as possible. Once you have done this, use another rag, soaking it in cold water and press it firmly onto the stain. You can also pour a little water on the stain and press a clean rag onto it. To remove a stain, you may have to repeat these steps a few times.

Dish Soap and Peroxide

There is another great way of removing red wine stains from area rugs. This one requires you to combine a good amount of dish soap with hydrogen peroxide. The amounts will vary depending on the size of the stain, but it should not amount to more than half a cup of the mixture. Since peroxide has bleaching qualities, use this only for darker rugs. Soak one corner of a rag with the solution and blot it on the stain. Again, never rub the stain. Let the mixture sit on the stain for a few minutes and then blot again with a clean rag. The more time you allow the solution to sit, the more chance it has to soak up the stain.

These three options are very effective when it comes to removing red wine stains from area rugs. There is no reason why you should be afraid to have a beautiful rug, since even the worst of the stains can be dealt with. Always keep in mind that the quicker you get to the stain, the better. Dry stains are much harder to remove, so speed is of the essence in these situations. Try these tips and see how useful they can be.