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7 Surprising Facts About Area Rugs

The humble area rug is an often overlooked piece with the ability to jazz up or pull together any room. The right area rug can transform a boring, neutral room into a cozy contemporary space and turn your décor from disheveled to stylish and eclectic. Area rugs are also functional pieces that protect valuable hardwood floors, cover stains or damage, and provide a soft surface for your feet.

Although area rugs are more popular than ever, there are still many myths and misconceptions about how to incorporate them into your home. Here are seven facts about area rugs that might surprise you.

Area Rugs Are Not Just for the Floor

High-quality rugs look great hanging on the wall as a piece of art. Wall hanging is a great solution if you have an expensive rug that you want to preserve. Hanging area rugs on the wall is also an economical way to decorate because they cover a large part of the wall. Use ribbons to hang pictures or photos in front of wall-hanging rugs for a unique look.

A Rug Pad is Essential

Slipping is a common concern with area rugs, but a good rug pad eliminates that risk. Skip the carpet tape; the adhesive wears away quickly and can damage hardwood floors. Instead, choose a thick rug pad with a non-slip backing to keep your area rug safely in place. Rug pads also make the rug more comfortable and prevent the rough backing that is often found on less expensive rugs from scratching floors.

You Can Layer Area Rugs

Who says you have to limit yourself to one area rug per room? Place a smaller rug on top of a larger rug for a layered look. Use layering to save money by purchasing a more expensive rug in a smaller size and placing it on top of a larger, less expensive rug. Layering can save a damaged rug by covering the damaged areas with a smaller rug.

Area Rugs Don’t Have to Match

Perfectly matching an area rug with the room’s furnishings is difficult and unnecessary. Instead, use contrasting colors and patterns to create depth and interest. Use a color wheel to determine which colors will complement or contrast your room’s décor. Contrasting colors are opposites on the color wheel, and complementary colors are adjacent to each other. Pattern combinations like plaid with floral, or paisley with stripes, also provide an element of contrast.

Cheap Rugs Can Look Great

You don’t have to spend a fortune to brighten up your space with a colorful area rug. Affordable rugs can be found in discount stores and dollar stores. Cheap, replaceable rugs are great if you have messy kids and pets. They are also a good solution if you don’t have time to properly care for an expensive rug.

You Can Use Area Rugs on Carpeted Floors

Area rugs are not just for hardwood floors. An entire room of wall to wall carpeting can look boring and make the room appear smaller. Break the room up and add interest with an area rug in a contrasting color or pattern. Rugs also provide an inexpensive way to cover stains and damage on carpeting.

Area Rugs Can Go in the Kitchen or Dining Room

Don’t be afraid to put an area rug in the kitchen or under the dining room table. An area rug can define dining space in an open floor plan and provide a soft surface to stand on in the kitchen. Use a waterproof rug pad, and choose a rug with short fibers and stain protection to make cleanup easier.