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7 Ways To Get The Right Cleaner

It’s important to match the right cleaner to the right role in your home or business. With everyone having busy lives it can often lead to changes having to be made at the drop of a hat and just having that peace of mind that you’ve got a direct line to your cleaner can often help to prevent or accommodate the need for change.

Below are a few main checks to make with your local cleaner to make sure you are using the right one:

  1. Great service guaranteed – check that their service commitment means that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your clean within the first 48 hours then they’ll simply give you back your money without any dramas or elongated dialogue. Not only that but they’ll also send you another cleaner to come and ensure the job is completed to your exact specifications.
  1. Professional, polite and sincere – make sure they understand the value of having the right attitude which causes their team members to be friendly, approachable and, above all else, professional. Support staff, management and face-to-face cleaners should do their utmost to give you a tip top service if you’re looking for a balance between clean, honest and friendly.
  1. Competitive rates – there prices are not just fair they’re the best in your local area and if you’re able to find a better rate of cleaning service then they’ll do their utmost to better it or at least explain why there’s a difference. Whatever rate of business contract suits you, they’ll aim to find the right price and payment method to ensure you get the best value for money as well as best professional service.
  1. Non-obligatory quotation – they aim to meet, inspect and provide a free quote for all of their potential customers and if you’re not happy with any aspect of their cleaning proposal or services then they’ll walk away without any further delay. They’re confident that their bespoke approach to cleaning is the right way to do business and as the customer is always right, this is how they should judge the start of each and every one of their professional cleaning contracts.
  1. Flexible to your needs – knowing that circumstances can change and situations can escalate makes them understand the importance of being flexible and if you need a cleaner in an emergency or need to switch times or alter shift patterns then they’re on hand to help you make the right call.
  1. Health, safety and security – rest assured that you’re covered for every eventuality related to their cleaning services. All of their cleaning team should have insurance and be vetted as well as undertaking the correct industry health and safety tests and individual risk assessments. This level of commitment to health, safety and security is just another reason why they should be ahead of the rest when it comes to complete and utter customer satisfaction.
  1. Taking your life into consideration – there’s nothing worse than having to wait for a cleaner to turn up when all you want to do is get on with your busy life or make that important meeting. We must be able to arrange to clean your property at a time that suits you and from set times and arrangements to dropping off a key or responding to access details. This area of cleaning can often be overlooked until the last minute which is why they should aim to meet your requirements right from the word go.

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