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Cotton Vs Polyester – Debating the Best Bedding

When the time comes to head out and pick up a new selection of bedding, the most common first decision the average buyer will have to make is that of which material to go for. And while there may be literally dozens of different materials and odd hybrids on the market right now, the choice generally comes down to cotton or polyester for most. The two classic and most widely available material choices of all, cotton and polyester bedding can be picked up from tens of thousands of stores and has the potential to be supremely affordable.

Now, if you were to ask a sample group of people which they tend to go for and why, you’d hear a fair few different answers and explanations. According to the experts at, there’s no denying the fact that there are pros and cons that come with every type of bedding across the board. But in this instance however, when weighing up the ins and outs of both cotton and polyester in a comparative sense, it’s pretty difficult to argue against the former as the clear winner.

Cotton Bedding – The Pros

Kicking off with cotton first of all, the UK’s favourite choice for bedding by far tends to be the number-one recommendation of professionals and healthcare experts alike. In terms of its biggest advantages, perhaps the most important characteristic of all when it comes to cotton is the fact that it is both breathable and absorbent. When there’s moisture in the bed, the cotton bedding absorbs and retains the moisture while helping maintain a comfortable temperature. In the summer it feels cool and in the winter it feels warm, while at all times feeling soft and comforting to the touch. In addition, cotton sheets are fully static-proof, are easy to care for and have the potential to last for many years. They’re also affordable and available in all imaginable shapes, colours and designs.

Cotton Bedding – The Cons

As for the drawbacks, set the washing machine to the wrong setting and there’s a good chance the cotton bedding may shrink. In addition, cotton bedding is prone to coming out of the wash rather wrinkled and creased which may then call for further attention in order to smoothen the sheets out, if so desired. In addition, cotton bedding of high quality tends to cost a little more than synthetic bedding, though is guaranteed to last infinitely longer.

Polyester Bedding – The Pros

Moving on to polyester bedding, the single biggest advantage of choosing the manmade material is that it tends to be cheap…and extremely cheap at that. You can pick up polyester bedding for next to nothing and it is readily available all over the place. Good quality polyester can be strong and durable, it can be produced in any colour and shape as desired and it is extremely lightweight. It also tends to come out of the wash almost 100% dry and wrinkle-free.

Polyester Bedding – The Cons

The biggest con of all when it comes to polyester bedding is the fact that it is not breathable, which in turn means it traps heat and moisture between the sheets rather that allowing them to escape. This can result in an overly warm, damp and generally uncomfortable experience that may affect sleep quality. In addition, washing or drying at high temperatures can ruin polyester, the material tends to create an unpleasant static charge and it is also extremely easy to stain permanently with any kinds of spillages.

A Clear Winner?

In term of the outcome therefore, for those with an interest in enjoying the most comfortable and generally enjoyable sleeping experience there is simply nothing better than cotton. For temperature control, moisture management and ease of maintenance, cotton bedding really is the place to go.

In terms of where polyester bedding comes into the equation, where and when the primary concern is that of costs, there’s no denying the appeal of ultra-affordable polyester sheets. They really do cost next to nothing and serve their purpose to an extent at least, which means that if for example a large amount of bedding was needed and there was little money available, polyester would make a great choice.

Of course, it’s also worth bearing in mind that there are many different grades and types of both cotton and polyester out there – all are not cut from the same cloth, so to speak. So along with making the right choice in terms of materials, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on its actual quality and grade before going ahead and making any purchases.

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Renovate the Interior Design of Your Office

The first step that you should take once you get your dream home is the interior designing. Even if it is your office hiring some interior design company for the renovation of your home or office makes it even more beautiful and delightful. Making up of the building is only half of the work and rest half is the designing part of your home or office. Interior design Malaysia provides you with lots of options for the interior designing of your office. They have a variety of designs that suits your demand and the construction type of your house or office.


Once you have decided to renovate your office internally the first step is to hire an interior designing company for the job where they begin with office furniture to every other single detail of your office, but before that you need to do a little online research regarding all the interior designing company in the market. You should look into their profile and the services that they are giving to their customers. You should also look for the reviews of the customers on the website so as to determine the reliability of the company.

You can also check out the cost for the designing and the time frame under which everything will be done. Once you determine the most reliable company for your office or home, then you can contact the company personally. There, the professional will take an inspection of your office or home and they will provide you with all the necessary plans and designs that is suitable for your office. You just need to select the most appropriate design for your office. You also need to discuss the effective cost for the designing, and once all agreement is done, they can start with the interior designing part to give your home or office a whole new look.


For interior designing of your office you need to take into account everything in your office from furniture to the glass panes and colour of your carpet. Everything needs to be rearranged according to the design.  Everything should be in order and colour should be matching form top to bttom. Depending upon your budget, they bring you the concerned design for your office that suits it very well. So hire the most reliable designing company for your office and make it your next home.

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Sure-Fire Ways To Get Your Kids Playing Outdoors

In the western world, children spend more time indoors than ever before. This behaviour shift has occurred for several reasons. Today, parents are more protective and don’t like to allow kids out of their sight. Computer games and consoles increasingly absorb our children, preventing them from enjoying the outdoor life. We have time pressured lives where opportunities for fun together as a family are few and far between. Beach trips, walks in the park and other simple fresh air diversions seem like rare events these days.

The knock on effects of this indoor focused world is that our kids’ well being suffers. Physical play in the outdoors is vital for development of motor skills, balance and coordination. The exercise children get from running about in the fresh air is essential for their health and helps prevent childhood obesity which is sadly reaching epidemic levels.

If you need inspiration for ways of detaching children from their sedentary indoor activities and out into the energy-filled, vibrant natural world, here goes….

The gift of a garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then you have a head start.  If you want kids to use it, don’t be all precious about your flowerbeds getting disturbed and your vegetables being trodden on. Introduce protective measures as far as you can , but after that – relax, or kids will definitely use it as an excuse to stay in. Organise the garden so that it is exciting and stimulating for children to spend time in. Think about different areas for varied activities such as sand pits, swings, slide and see-saw.  An open area with space for sports is a good idea, somewhere a ball can be thrown or kicked without risking damage to property.  Children love private places to play and dens, tree houses or children’s wooden playhouses all make wonderful spots for firing the imagination. Either build and design one yourself or take the easy route and get ones that come ready to assemble. Putting it together would certainly make a fantastic outdoor project to get the children involved in.

Ditch the car

Tell the kids you’re hitting the supermarket, library, post office – whatever – on foot today. You need their help carrying the groceries back. Once the initial (predictable) moans are out of the way, children will enjoy the novelty of walking streets they usually see from the back seat of the car. Talk about what you see on the way, get them to engage with their surroundings and discuss the environment. The walk is good exercise for everyone and leaving the car at home is beneficial to the environment.


Kids love nothing better than the full attention of their parents. Collect a range of sporting gear from Frisbee, footballs, rackets, bats and balls, roller-skates, kites and more – and take it all to the park for the day. Don’t come home until you’ve all tried out every piece of sporting equipment you have with you

Miscellaneous outdoor marvels

Finally, here’s a quick dash through some other ideas for winkling children out of the house…

Take them on a camp out under the stars. Get them to help put up the tent and set up camp. Cook supper on an open fire, lay on a blanket and identify the stars (there are some great mobile phone apps to help with this), record the sounds of the night (wildlife etc.) so that they really get tuned in to the outdoorsiness of it all.

Encourage children to collect objects from the natural world such as shells, fossils, rocks, leaves, petrified wood etc. and give them a place in the house where they can display them so that they have a reason to keep going out finding more.

Introduce them to the joys of gardening, give them their own plot to plan and plant up as they choose. Let them buy seeds for flowers and vegetables so they can track their progress. Get them to rake up piles of autumn leaves (let them kick it to bits a few times too!) Make the garden a haven for wildlife with nesting boxes for birds, toad homes, bat houses, bee hotels and more. Give your children reference books so that they can identify the creatures that pay them a visit.

Get a pet dog that needs a lot of exercise!

Even if you manage just a couple of these suggestions, it’s a great place to start with moving your children’s play time out of doors. Have fun!