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7 Surprising Facts About Area Rugs

The humble area rug is an often overlooked piece with the ability to jazz up or pull together any room. The right area rug can transform a boring, neutral room into a cozy contemporary space and turn your décor from disheveled to stylish and eclectic. Area rugs are also functional pieces that protect valuable hardwood floors, cover stains or damage, and provide a soft surface for your feet.

Although area rugs are more popular than ever, there are still many myths and misconceptions about how to incorporate them into your home. Here are seven facts about area rugs that might surprise you.

Area Rugs Are Not Just for the Floor

High-quality rugs look great hanging on the wall as a piece of art. Wall hanging is a great solution if you have an expensive rug that you want to preserve. Hanging area rugs on the wall is also an economical way to decorate because they cover a large part of the wall. Use ribbons to hang pictures or photos in front of wall-hanging rugs for a unique look.

A Rug Pad is Essential

Slipping is a common concern with area rugs, but a good rug pad eliminates that risk. Skip the carpet tape; the adhesive wears away quickly and can damage hardwood floors. Instead, choose a thick rug pad with a non-slip backing to keep your area rug safely in place. Rug pads also make the rug more comfortable and prevent the rough backing that is often found on less expensive rugs from scratching floors.

You Can Layer Area Rugs

Who says you have to limit yourself to one area rug per room? Place a smaller rug on top of a larger rug for a layered look. Use layering to save money by purchasing a more expensive rug in a smaller size and placing it on top of a larger, less expensive rug. Layering can save a damaged rug by covering the damaged areas with a smaller rug.

Area Rugs Don’t Have to Match

Perfectly matching an area rug with the room’s furnishings is difficult and unnecessary. Instead, use contrasting colors and patterns to create depth and interest. Use a color wheel to determine which colors will complement or contrast your room’s décor. Contrasting colors are opposites on the color wheel, and complementary colors are adjacent to each other. Pattern combinations like plaid with floral, or paisley with stripes, also provide an element of contrast.

Cheap Rugs Can Look Great

You don’t have to spend a fortune to brighten up your space with a colorful area rug. Affordable rugs can be found in discount stores and dollar stores. Cheap, replaceable rugs are great if you have messy kids and pets. They are also a good solution if you don’t have time to properly care for an expensive rug.

You Can Use Area Rugs on Carpeted Floors

Area rugs are not just for hardwood floors. An entire room of wall to wall carpeting can look boring and make the room appear smaller. Break the room up and add interest with an area rug in a contrasting color or pattern. Rugs also provide an inexpensive way to cover stains and damage on carpeting.

Area Rugs Can Go in the Kitchen or Dining Room

Don’t be afraid to put an area rug in the kitchen or under the dining room table. An area rug can define dining space in an open floor plan and provide a soft surface to stand on in the kitchen. Use a waterproof rug pad, and choose a rug with short fibers and stain protection to make cleanup easier.

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Transform Your House With Barrel Furniture

Barrel furniture is useful in adding an exclusive twist to the renowned wine culture and can be appreciated by all those who love elegant and sophisticated furniture. The furniture is basically created from recycled whiskey barrels that are formerly used to ferment the whiskey. These accent pieces are inherently superior quality items that extend the utility of these wine barrels. Furniture that is created out of these wine barrels are usually considered to be of high quality pieces that are collected by the ones who enjoy having fine furniture.

Opting for furniture that is constructed from recycled wine barrels offers various benefits over standard furniture. The most imperative aspect is the quality of the wood used to design these pieces. The barrel crafters are very selective when it comes to choosing the wood that is used for their wine barrels. Every consideration is taken to make certain the quality of the wine by carefully selecting superior quality wood. The wood that is selected to create the barrels are usually American Oak, Hungarian Oak and French Oak. The wine makers take into consideration not just the growing condition of the trees but also their shape. Winemakers also take into account the tightness of the grain of wood to make certain that the barrel provides the best conditions to grow the wine. The entire selection process to create these wood barrels helps assure the quality of wood used to craft the furniture.

wine-barrel-furniture-wine-barrel-table-wine-barrel-stools-wine-cellar-furniture.jpg (600×600)

The wood barrels have a very limited life span which is usually of 5 years with the winemaker, but its lifespan can be extended by simply recycling the wine barrels into amazing furniture. After a barrel has been utilized by the wine maker, the wood has absorbed the natural color of the wine and has taken on an incredible aged appearance. The most distinctive and stunning furniture can be created out of the wood from these wine barrels.

Buyers are being able to personalize their barrel furniture to create an exclusive accent piece for their homes. End tables and coffee tables can be personalized too based on the unique taste of the customers. The pieces will reflect the deep natural shaded of the original fermenting wine within the barrel. Each piece happens to be a reflection of the creativity of the craftsmen and delivers an amazing charm to a home.

At the Hungarian Workshop, you will be able to find amazing products. Come see the tables from the Hungarian Workshop, where you will get the best products for less!

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The Wooden Flooring Companies—Offering High Quality Solutions

How-To-Install-Vinyl-Plank-Flooring-Wonderful-Tranquility-Vinyl-Plank-Flooring.jpg (800×600)

The demand for wooden flooring professionals

The home as well as office interiors often requiresome sort of new and fresh change in entire setup including the furniture, its wall coverings, flooring options, designs and also the space planning of the complete interior area. The flooring is one such aspect which can truly change the whole interior look and feel of as per the owner’s requirement and specifications. Now, it depends on the will of the home or office owner that either they want to carry out this task on their own or hire a reputed company for getting the latest flooring options. Today the craze of wooden flooring is at its peak because this flooring option has a lot to offer.

A highly elegant and rich interior feel can be attained by getting the wooden flooring setup. There are several companies and agencies that are providing such kind of services. The option of hiring professional services for the wooden flooring is probably the best one. The professional office fitouts companies provide you with a variety of interior and wooden flooring solutions according to your allotted budget.

Wooden flooring professional—giving wide line of options

The wooden flooring for the residence area or the workplace must be in accordance with the working lifestyle and interior environment of the area. There wide range of color, style and theme options regarding the wooden flooring. The owners can select one particular type and style of wooden floor tiles as per their own requirements and taste. The flooring in downriver Michigan is done under the technical supervision of highly expert professionals.

Only relying on the professional wooden flooring services is highly suggested for the homeowners. In this way they can take advantage of the highly optimized and quality wooden flooring solutions. Complete project management services from start till end are offered to the clients regarding latest wooden flooring solutions and services. Today the reliable companies are offering completely customizeswooden flooring services according to the allotted budget and give the best and professional look to the interior.

Getting the best wooden flooring services

The wooden flooring professional company must be working with a vast experience and technical know-how regarding the setting and latest wooden flooring solutions. These professionals must be offering complete guidance throughout the whole process of flooring in order to fulfill the requirements of the clients.Typically the professional companies offer a vast range of interior solutions are designed for the clients that will be suitable with theirset preferences and requirements.

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How To Choose A Closed Cell Foam For Your Upholstery

For various homemakers and DIY-ers, a home project is an excellent way to boost and show off their creativity. For them, a home project is not limited to repainting the walls or installing a functional cabinet or bookcase, but it also include re-upholstering the furniture.

home_foamcolors.jpg (415×300)

Fortunately, there are companies like ACT Foam that offers various types of closed cell foam mat that they can also cut and customize according to your needs. Of course, that is just half of the work. You will still have to choose the right type of foam for your upholstery project.

As you might suspect, not all foams are the same. In order to get the right foam, you must follow the basic guidelines below in choosing the right material for your project.

Choose the right foam thickness

Of course, this usually depends on the item that you are about to upholster. A dining chair will be needing a rather thin foam while a much heftier sofa will want to have something a little bulkier as a rigid looking couch is not fun to sit on.

The foam thickness can also dictate how soft or hard your foam is going to be. If you are about to upholster a dining room chair, the foam for seat cushion should at least be medium soft while the foam for the seat back cushion should be medium firm.

If your budget allows, choose a high density foam

Obviously, a high density foam is a lot more expensive than those of lower grade at it uses more material and is packed with less air. This means a longer life for your foam as it won’t be easily distorted or deformed no matter how many times you sit on it.

Don’t be cheap

You might be tempted to skimp out on the foam quality just to save a few bucks but that decision is really a recipe for disaster. For foams, the notion that the price of the item reflects its quality, is highly true. The pricier your foam is, the more you are guaranteed that is it of excellent quality. Still, buying a good quality foam will save you from the heartbreak of re-doing your home project all over again and purchasing another set of foams simply because you chose to erroneously save your money and buy a sub-par foam.

Upholstery projects can be a tricky business but with the right knowledge, you can customize your furniture to your exact taste without any hassle.


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Isn’t It About Time You Replaced Your Bedroom Furniture?

If, like many people you’ve had your bedroom furniture for a number of years, it may be starting to look a little bit tatty and past it’s best. This will be much more likely if it’s either flat pack furniture or maybe the imitation wood variety. However, this time round you could go for a much better class of furniture. You could pick items that have been made by experienced craftsmen or women to a traditional method of construction so you’ll know your items will last for many years to come. You could go for the real wood variety that will improve as time goes by with its own unique grain and appearance; a variety such as oak or walnut would be a good choice. Why? We asked Chelmsford based Priest Bothers.

Of course not everyone goes for the same style of furniture. Maybe you like a modern look to your home. In that case pick something with simple clean lines. Perhaps a bed with a simple slatted headboard and drawers incorporated into the base for extra storage space. If you like a more traditional look then maybe you’d enjoy a sleigh bed instead.

Of course both of these styles would look great set against either a patterned wallpaper or just a simple neutral painted wall; it all depends on what you like best and if you add perhaps a dressing table to the room as well as a wardrobe and a chest of drawers or two, you’ll only need to place a bedside cabinet at either side of the bed to complete the look.

It really is worth investing in some good quality items this time round, after all, not everyone wants to replace their furniture again in the next few years.