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Cotton Vs Polyester – Debating the Best Bedding

When the time comes to head out and pick up a new selection of bedding, the most common first decision the average buyer will have to make is that of which material to go for. And while there may be literally dozens of different materials and odd hybrids on the market right now, the choice generally comes down to cotton or polyester for most. The two classic and most widely available material choices of all, cotton and polyester bedding can be picked up from tens of thousands of stores and has the potential to be supremely affordable.

Now, if you were to ask a sample group of people which they tend to go for and why, you’d hear a fair few different answers and explanations. According to the experts at, there’s no denying the fact that there are pros and cons that come with every type of bedding across the board. But in this instance however, when weighing up the ins and outs of both cotton and polyester in a comparative sense, it’s pretty difficult to argue against the former as the clear winner.

Cotton Bedding – The Pros

Kicking off with cotton first of all, the UK’s favourite choice for bedding by far tends to be the number-one recommendation of professionals and healthcare experts alike. In terms of its biggest advantages, perhaps the most important characteristic of all when it comes to cotton is the fact that it is both breathable and absorbent. When there’s moisture in the bed, the cotton bedding absorbs and retains the moisture while helping maintain a comfortable temperature. In the summer it feels cool and in the winter it feels warm, while at all times feeling soft and comforting to the touch. In addition, cotton sheets are fully static-proof, are easy to care for and have the potential to last for many years. They’re also affordable and available in all imaginable shapes, colours and designs.

Cotton Bedding – The Cons

As for the drawbacks, set the washing machine to the wrong setting and there’s a good chance the cotton bedding may shrink. In addition, cotton bedding is prone to coming out of the wash rather wrinkled and creased which may then call for further attention in order to smoothen the sheets out, if so desired. In addition, cotton bedding of high quality tends to cost a little more than synthetic bedding, though is guaranteed to last infinitely longer.

Polyester Bedding – The Pros

Moving on to polyester bedding, the single biggest advantage of choosing the manmade material is that it tends to be cheap…and extremely cheap at that. You can pick up polyester bedding for next to nothing and it is readily available all over the place. Good quality polyester can be strong and durable, it can be produced in any colour and shape as desired and it is extremely lightweight. It also tends to come out of the wash almost 100% dry and wrinkle-free.

Polyester Bedding – The Cons

The biggest con of all when it comes to polyester bedding is the fact that it is not breathable, which in turn means it traps heat and moisture between the sheets rather that allowing them to escape. This can result in an overly warm, damp and generally uncomfortable experience that may affect sleep quality. In addition, washing or drying at high temperatures can ruin polyester, the material tends to create an unpleasant static charge and it is also extremely easy to stain permanently with any kinds of spillages.

A Clear Winner?

In term of the outcome therefore, for those with an interest in enjoying the most comfortable and generally enjoyable sleeping experience there is simply nothing better than cotton. For temperature control, moisture management and ease of maintenance, cotton bedding really is the place to go.

In terms of where polyester bedding comes into the equation, where and when the primary concern is that of costs, there’s no denying the appeal of ultra-affordable polyester sheets. They really do cost next to nothing and serve their purpose to an extent at least, which means that if for example a large amount of bedding was needed and there was little money available, polyester would make a great choice.

Of course, it’s also worth bearing in mind that there are many different grades and types of both cotton and polyester out there – all are not cut from the same cloth, so to speak. So along with making the right choice in terms of materials, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on its actual quality and grade before going ahead and making any purchases.