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Different Sizes And Varieties Of Mini Fridges

A mini fridge comes in a variety of sizes to serve different purposes. It can be used to hold wine, beer, soft drinks and other beverages in an area of your home that does not accommodate a conventional and full-size refrigerator. These units are also common additions for small living spaces such as dorm rooms to hold drinks and food. Here are the best beer Mini Fridges for your house.

Micro fridge

The smallest of the mini fridges available are designed to accommodate around six to twelve canned beer or soft drinks. A micro fridge has a dimension of 10×12 inches and 8 inches deep. But they are much smaller sometimes. They are easily portable and are normally plugged in a 12v car outlet or standard AD socket. Aside from holding cans of drinks, they are also used to hold and transport small perishable items like baby food and antibiotics. They are sometimes used as storage for non-edible materials including camera film.

Compact fridge

A compact fridge is said to offer versatility compared to micro fridge while taking up still only a small space amount. Generally, the dimensions are around 20×18 inches and 20 inches deep. This makes it capable of holding large bottles including 750ml or 2 liter bottles of wine and cans and 12 ounces bottles as well as a modest quantity of food. A fridge of this size has a small freezer area large enough for a small ice tray

Wine fridge

Another variety of the best beer Mini Fridge is wine fridge that is designed specially to hold 750ml bottles of wine at particularly temperatures. The size varies but typical 12 bottle wine fridge is roughly 20×30 inches and 20 inches deep. Compared to other refrigerators, the space of a wine fridge can horizontally hold the bottles and is used rarely to hold anything but wine, although there are beverage and wine fridges that can hold both horizontal win bottles ad smaller beverage cans and bottles.

Standard kitchen refrigerator

If you are looking for the best beer Mini Fridge that can do what standard kitchen refrigerator does in less space, then you may need to get a double-door mini fridge featuring a ref that is large enough to store 750ml bottles that has shelves for food items and smaller drinks as well as a crisper for fruits and vegetables. It also has a freezer and separate door to hold small amount of frozen goods and for making ice. Generally, these models are around 30×20 inches and 20 inches deep. These are perfect choices for those with one room living space or for game rooms.

Party cooler

The last type and size of Ice Maker is known as party cooler which is an electric cooler that can be used both outdoors and indoors and filled with 12 oz bottles of beverages. Though its designed with a lid which opens at the top so you can reach and grab drinks from it like a cooler. They normally come in barrel shape and are more than 30 inches high diameter and width of around 18 inches and are capable of holding 72 beverage cans. Best Man Cave Mini Fridge Here :