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What to do if you have Flooding in your House

Heavy storms generally lead to flood water damage in your house. What is more to it is leaking and broken pipes, blocked drains, malfunctioning equipment, and damaged water hoses could also lead to water damage and flooding in your house. As a matter of fact, the stagnant water also is a worrisome issue for most of the homeowners. Contaminated water, like that of sewage, is unhygienic and a great health hazard by nature. However, even clean water can lead to the growth of mildew and mold if left unattended for a number of days. In the light of this, flood damage restoration is essential to get rid of the stagnated water, existing dry patches, and avert future occurrences of mold and water damage.

Below are some of the vital steps that may help you deal with flood water damage tips at home:

Safety Measures

It is imperative that you switch of the main power switch of your house to make sure that no power is running through the house. Do not enter the flooded rooms or house unless you are completely sure that it is harmless to do so. Moreover, you need to be extremely careful while you are repositioning contents and materials inside the room to avoid all kinds of accidents.

Salvage The Useful Items

Simply reclaim all of the valuable materials in a flooded room that do not absorb water. You can recover all the easy-to-clean absorbent materials like clothes, linen, and household fabrics. Upon doing that, you can soak the linen items into hot water mixed with a detergent to remove all the contaminants and stains. It is better to leave behind the items that are hard to dry and clean such as box springs, pillows, carpets, and other porous materials.

Move To Higher Ground

It is important that you vacate the flooded area temporarily as you prepare to fix the issue. If only a specific section of your house is flooded such as the basement, then you must decide to stay put, and should be aware of the several waterborne hazards present therein.

Speak To Home Insurance Service

Contact the home insurance service and submit a claim for all the damages that are caused after flooding. The insurance company may suggest you with a professional water damage restoration service to deal with the problem.

Leave it To Professionals

You can try out the flood restoration professionals to do the job. A professional company is going to clean your house, extract the flood water and dry all the moist areas, exterminate any contaminants and will , dehumidify the house.

The risk of flooding and water damage is prevalent among many homeowners who live in low lying areas. It is imperative to follow the aforementioned steps to ensure that water breakage or flooding causes minimum damage to your house and the occupants.