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Get The Business Storage Solutions

Running out of storage space is the last thing business owners should worry about.Whether you are a contractor, importer, exporter, distributor, moving company, sales rep, retailer or entrepreneur in Barrie, Ontario, the only concern that you should have to bother is the lack of the space to store your goods and business imports and exports. But not to worry now. Because now a days many companies of the Canada are providing storage in barrie. But having storage is not the only thing that they want. Storage with controlled care and safety is more preferable to the businessmen today. As they have paid for their goods, they need the full fledge care and safety of their items and business goods.

These all features are provided by only some of the companies located in Ontario. And Mapleview and Yorkdale self storage companies are top listed. These are the two companies that are ideal for the storage of your business goods. As these companies are equipped with all the modern and recent facilities that you need for your valuable goods.

Mapleview Self Storage Company:

Mapleview self storage house have been rendering their services to the businessmen since 2003. They are serving the people of Barrie with their outstanding and remarkable facilities with almost free of cost. They assure the owners and businessmen 100 % safety and security of their goods. No matter what the businessmen wants to store, the Mapleview Self Storage house has covered you. This company not only offers space for business storage but also for residential and commercial storage. The Mapleview self storage company provides its customers with the best self storage facilities that you need.

The modern facilities of the Mapleview Self Storage includes:

  • The variable sizes of the storage units
  • All the units provide the drive-up access.
  • The temperature controlled storage units allows your goods to remain perfectly all right.
  • Moreover, the security system is fool proof. The cameras are installed at various positions in the whole premises to get check the entry of the unknown persons.
  • Packing supplies that are free of cost are also provided to the clients of Mapleview Self Storage Company.
  • Delivery acceptance and the truck rental facility is also given.

Yorkdale Self Storage Company:

This is also the one of the famous company of the self storage for the businessmen. It also offers the reliable and the secure environment that you need for your goods. The climate controlled conditions allows your goods to remain safe and fresh as you brought them to store. Moreover the storage units are at ground floor that can make your access to the goods more easy and comfortable.

The security of the whole storage system is 100 % fool proof that avoids the risk of any security issue or mishap.

Contact as soon as possible to keep your things have stored at the best storage house. Always feel free to contact.

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