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How To Choose A Closed Cell Foam For Your Upholstery

For various homemakers and DIY-ers, a home project is an excellent way to boost and show off their creativity. For them, a home project is not limited to repainting the walls or installing a functional cabinet or bookcase, but it also include re-upholstering the furniture.

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Fortunately, there are companies like ACT Foam that offers various types of closed cell foam mat that they can also cut and customize according to your needs. Of course, that is just half of the work. You will still have to choose the right type of foam for your upholstery project.

As you might suspect, not all foams are the same. In order to get the right foam, you must follow the basic guidelines below in choosing the right material for your project.

Choose the right foam thickness

Of course, this usually depends on the item that you are about to upholster. A dining chair will be needing a rather thin foam while a much heftier sofa will want to have something a little bulkier as a rigid looking couch is not fun to sit on.

The foam thickness can also dictate how soft or hard your foam is going to be. If you are about to upholster a dining room chair, the foam for seat cushion should at least be medium soft while the foam for the seat back cushion should be medium firm.

If your budget allows, choose a high density foam

Obviously, a high density foam is a lot more expensive than those of lower grade at it uses more material and is packed with less air. This means a longer life for your foam as it won’t be easily distorted or deformed no matter how many times you sit on it.

Don’t be cheap

You might be tempted to skimp out on the foam quality just to save a few bucks but that decision is really a recipe for disaster. For foams, the notion that the price of the item reflects its quality, is highly true. The pricier your foam is, the more you are guaranteed that is it of excellent quality. Still, buying a good quality foam will save you from the heartbreak of re-doing your home project all over again and purchasing another set of foams simply because you chose to erroneously save your money and buy a sub-par foam.

Upholstery projects can be a tricky business but with the right knowledge, you can customize your furniture to your exact taste without any hassle.