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Isn’t It About Time You Replaced Your Bedroom Furniture?

If, like many people you’ve had your bedroom furniture for a number of years, it may be starting to look a little bit tatty and past it’s best. This will be much more likely if it’s either flat pack furniture or maybe the imitation wood variety. However, this time round you could go for a much better class of furniture. You could pick items that have been made by experienced craftsmen or women to a traditional method of construction so you’ll know your items will last for many years to come. You could go for the real wood variety that will improve as time goes by with its own unique grain and appearance; a variety such as oak or walnut would be a good choice. Why? We asked Chelmsford based Priest Bothers.

Of course not everyone goes for the same style of furniture. Maybe you like a modern look to your home. In that case pick something with simple clean lines. Perhaps a bed with a simple slatted headboard and drawers incorporated into the base for extra storage space. If you like a more traditional look then maybe you’d enjoy a sleigh bed instead.

Of course both of these styles would look great set against either a patterned wallpaper or just a simple neutral painted wall; it all depends on what you like best and if you add perhaps a dressing table to the room as well as a wardrobe and a chest of drawers or two, you’ll only need to place a bedside cabinet at either side of the bed to complete the look.

It really is worth investing in some good quality items this time round, after all, not everyone wants to replace their furniture again in the next few years.