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Replicating stone and wood with concrete

With the numerous stamped concrete design options available it is very challenging to settle on a color scheme and specific pattern, but it is well worth your effort and time. stamped concrete is able to last for a longer time and can be a highly visible element in the architecture of your business or home, hence you should chose a design which is able to harmonize with the setting of your home and that which will remain appealing to you ten years or beyond from now. Stamped Concrete Chilliwack can be easily availed from a decorative concrete contractor in the Chilliwack area. Here are some designs in concrete stamping Chilliwack that are quite popular with the customers.

Faux Stone Concrete Patios

When you use concrete as a replacement for the traditional stone patio, it along with being cost effective also eliminates a few of the stone’s inherent drawbacks. The process of laying a stone patio is a very labor-intensive process, because each piece has to be placed individually.  However with concrete, the whole patio can be made in one step by pouring concrete and poured then stamping or scoring it with a stone-like pattern. The installation is simpler and these patios are also easier to maintain than the natural stone ones, because there’s no worry of pieces becoming cracked or loose and about weeds sprouting up between joints.

Concrete patios which mimic slate or stone can be poured new, or an already existing concrete slab can be resurfaced with a stampable overlay. There are many stamps available that can perfectly replicate flagstone, slate, cobblestone etc. other attractive options are also available including travertine, European cobblestone and random-cut fieldstone.

A wide variety of coloring options are available for reproducing natural color variations of stone, such as stains, antiquing agents, dry-shake color hardeners and integral colors. Many times by the use of a combination of coloring methods or colors helps in producing the most realistic results.

Replicate Wood with Concrete

The French word faux bois when translated in English means fake wood. Typically the faux bois technique’s practice involves very specialized sculptural skills. But concrete contractors are now coming up with other ways for replicating this look of wood. Some contractors use stamps, some use scoring and some do staining, while others use the natural grain of real wood boards for leaving an imprint on the concrete surface. Whatever the method, contractors are now becoming very skilled at this method of using concrete for mimicking the look of wood, with improved durability.

Wood stamped concrete pool deck is one of the most popular choices of customer for the use of this technique. Other popular choices include concrete pool decks replicating wood planking. It is very popular among homeowners who want the look of wood decking but do not want to deal with the deterioration and upkeep. So by using wood stamped concrete along with giving durability, it also does not cause splinters.