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9 Ways You Can Protect Your Floor

A new floor does not need a great deal of maintenance. However, you should check your floors from time to time, especially in high traffic areas like kitchen, toilets, dining room and living rooms.

Wood floors can be maintained easily, but they are often neglected. It is very important for you to gain knowledge about maintaining wooden floors, in order for them to look clean and new for as long as you intended.

How to determine you need new coat

Pour a tablespoon or two of water to a low to medium traffic area in your home. The water soaking in and leaving a dark spot indicates you need to apply new coat to your floor. This is an easy way to find out wears and tears of your floor. You can use waxing, one of the easiest means to finish your floors. But it cannot be done without removing the old coat completely.

Taking Care of Your Floors

Keeping hardwood flooring for concrete slab clean doesn’t require too much hard work. You can keep your floor good as new, with a little maintenance. One basic way is, you can protect your floor with wood floor adhesive for concrete slab.

Then, there are 9 simple, yet effective tips to take care of the floors in your home.

It’s not a DIY Job

DIY activity is not a going to do any good, unless you are an expert in flooring. So, leave delicate jobs for professionals.

Soft brooms

Use a soft broom with fine bristles to pick up dust and debris. However, never use ammonia to clean floors.

Rugs and mat

Dirt, debris and sand can scratch your flooring. You can prevent those scratches by placing a mat or area rugs at all the entrances.

Wood cleaner

Vacuum your rooms on a regular basis. Use the special bare floor attachment that comes along with the vacuum. Damp mop your floors. Use a neutral PH wood cleaner as well to add up to care.

Protection from sun rays

The areas near your living room can get discolored by the UV rays of the sun. To prevent this, close your curtains and blinds. Add some drapes.


Wood flooring are varnished and stained, you should mop water or chemical liquids that are spilled on the floor immediately. They can damage a hardwood floor. Harsh, abrasive cleaners or oil based soaps should be circumvented as they can scratch and stain your floor.

Avoid walking with pointed heels

High heeled shoes can gouge and scratch your floors. Keep your shoes in good repair, or better still change them into slippers on entering your home.

Avoid pets

Your pets can scratch your floor. Pets like dogs and especially cats. Keep their nails trimmed. Clean their paws as they come in from outdoors. Groom and wash them regularly to rid them of pests.

Use adhesives

Last but not the least, don’t forget about flooring adhesive. If your floors lose their sheen, you may need to take some drastic actions to bring them back to life.