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Television Shows: Favorite Oriental Rugs

This year’s television season brought us a captivating supply of interior design ideas. We have been enthralled by the beautiful Persian Oriental rugs gracing the sound stages of America’s most beloved TV shows.

How can we keep quiet about the impeccable Persian rugs that caught our eye? With so many fascinating and popular TV shows adorning their floors with wool heirlooms, which Persian rug styles do you think are the most exquisite?

We would love to know. Here are some of Television’s favorite oriental rugs!

Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes BBC, British crime drama features a gorgeous traditional Persian rug in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective story.


Traditional Persian rugs are considered to be the softest rugs in all the world. One of the reasons for this is Persian Oriental rugs are hand knotted from 100% wool, and they also go through a lengthy hand washing process that makes them super soft.

The rug that was used in this television drama of Sherlock Homes offers elegant beauty and a classic look that would complement any home.

Our adjective for this area rug is “timeless.” For thousands of years a hand crafted and hand knotted Oriental rug has been the status symbol of good taste and much like detective Holmes himself is considered to be ageless and unforgettable.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is a part fictional tale about a sprawling Yorkshire country estate, and the antics of its inhibitors the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants.

The television drama is filmed on location at Highclere Castle in Hampshire. The furnishings and tapestries are all original to the castle. Lady Sybil shows off her new American evening dress and poses for acrylates on the fabulous gold and red ornate Persian carpet located in the Drawing Room.

The drawing room displays a more relaxed Edwardian era lifestyle within the Abby. During this enlightened time, Europeans preferred light colors over the traditional deep reds of the Victorian era.

The neutral Persian rug adorning the floor is a high knot count hand woven piece. This rug is shown in the family drawing room, which as time passed became known as the living room.

The Good Wife

With regards to set design on the popular television show The Good Wife, interior designer and set designer Beth Kushnick must be doing something right. Winner of several Emmy Awards, Beth Kushnick has been recognized for creating ground breaking designs and having a sense of innovation and inventive décor instinct.

Alicia’s apartment is a prime example. Set in Manhattans upper east side, the wide paneled hardwood floors and traditional Persian rug all create a collection of design elements that later went for sale with a partnership stricken with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, and Interlude Home. The launch of this Good Wife Collection includes accessories and lighting that coincide with season 4.

CBS This Morning Saturday

Since cartoons on Saturday morning have gone by the wayside, the popular CBS This Morning Show treats viewers to national news, culinary delights and the hottest emerging musical artists on the planet.

Our keen eye noticed that every musical set was performed upon a conventional Persian Oriental Rug woven in traditional red motifs and styling’s. There is a good reason for the Oriental rug to adorn their performance stage. 100% wool Oriental rugs remove the echo and starkness from any room they grace.

They not only warm the floor, but also create sound proofing, creating an atmosphere of pleasing acoustics and warmth for all.

The Voice

Step upon the singing stage of The Voice, and you will be treading upon not only a hopeful walk to fame but also upon a luxurious hand knotted Chobi Ziegler Oriental rug.

Of course the stage lights are altering the true hand dyed colors of this extraordinary piece, but we can assure you that our keen eye for valuable Persian rugs has identified this oversized Oriental rug as the fresh and floral motif known to be woven into a traditional Chobi Ziegler.

This rug was painstakingly hand knotted inch by inch on a loom. It is most likely made of 100% natural wool and was placed on the stage to create exceptional acoustics.


Even Super Hero’s need a home, and Oliver Queen- the Arrow- is a handsome billionaire that lives in a mansion in Star City, fights crime, and is an accomplished martial artist and a pretty dead shot with an archery bow. Bad villains beware.

The Arrow will find you if you failed this city. We’ve watched several seasons of the Arrow and always admire the Chobi Ziegler Oriental rug that graces the Queen family foyer. The placement of this beautiful rug makes sense. The rug is made of 100% wool and because of that it will stand up to high traffic and resist moisture from wet boots and shoes.