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The Basics Of Rug Maintenance – Keeping Your Rug Clean

It’s certainly common knowledge that, if you own a carpet or various rugs, frankly you’re going to be spending a lot of time trying to keep them clean and maintain this routine, too.

More people than you think tend to skip cleaning their rugs when carrying out general housework, simply because they don’t know how to get their rug into tip-top shape.

Not only this, but people also don’t realize how much dirt and grime really get into the fibers of the rugs.

And, FYI, it’s a lot. So, for these reasons, hard-to-clean rugs tend to get left alone most of the time, which isn’t right.

Basics of Rug Maintenance


Alas, help is here! Courtesy of RugknotsWe have compiled together a list of helpful tips and bits of advice for you to keep your precious rugs clean when need be. After reading this handy article, you’ll know the vital basics of rug maintenance and will never worry about the cleanliness of your rug ever again.

Tip #1 – Take Control

The question that many carpet & rug owners tend to ask themselves is, “Why is it getting so dirty?” and, actually, it’s a pretty simple answer. The secret is to take the measures that will stop the dirt getting there in the first place.

Firstly, take your shoes off before stepping on the rug or carpet, and make sure everyone else does, too. Make it routine to take your shoes off when you arrive home from work, and leave a pair of comfortable slippers to hop into, instead. Shoes can bring in all sorts of nasty things you’ve stepped on outside, and who wants this dirt getting into their rug fibers? Not you, I’m sure.

Tip #2 – Use Your Vacuum Cleaner Regularly

It is recommended to use your vacuum cleaner on your rug and/or carpet at least twice a week, especially if the room regularly has many people inside it walking around.

Obviously, it all depends on the material of your rug, because each one requires a different method of cleaning. But, using your vacuum cleaner on the rug is almost always a guaranteed way of getting out the dirt for good.

Be sure to always change the bag or canister before it becomes full, make sure you remove debris from the brushes (such as string or fibers) and perhaps wipe the vacuum cleaner down with a little white vinegar to keep it free from dust.

Plus, always try to check that there are no obstructions blocking the airflow before switching it on. This is very important.

Tip #3 –Make The Most Of A Local Cleaning Company

Often, the best and most effective solution for deep cleaning rugs thoroughly and basic rug maintenance is to roll them up and send them off to a specialist cleaning company, who will happily do all the work for you, and take the responsibility right off your hands.

There are much more than you think out there, and it’s just a matter of asking a friend or family member, or searching online. The choice is yours! If you’re busy with work, home life or other stuff, this option is pretty much ideal, and worth the cost, too.

Tip #4 – Use Cleaning Materials At Home

On the other hand, however, there are plenty of genius tricks for you to do at home if you ever encounter any stains or spillages. For example, using a lint-free rag (don’t confuse ‘rag’ with ‘rug’!) with liquid or dry carpet cleaner is a great way to blot any spills. Get some of the cleaner on to the rag, and dab the stain using your index finger underneath the rag.

It’s very important that you don’t rub the cleaner in, because this will usually make the stain worse than it is, and push the stain into the fibers, essentially damaging it in the long run. Let the cleaner set into the rug, and remove the remaining amount using the handy item that is a plastic scraper. This will allow you to scrape away as much of the cleaner as possible, without rubbing it in to the fibers of the rug.

When you’ve done this, blot away the rest using the rag.

Tip #5 – Use Simple Methods That Go A Long Way

Another good way to get rid of spillages instantly is to grab a handful of paper towels, place them on the area of the spillage and press down hard using your hands. Simple, but extremely effective.

Cleaning rugs with soapy water is another good one. Mix your own cleaning solution with regular clear hand-dishwashing soap in water (try not to use colored soap, because this might leave a residue on the rug), and use this combination to get any nasty stains or spillages out of your rug. To rinse the mixture away, spray the area with water, or blot with a wet towel.

Afterwards, blot the area with a dry towel (as explained above). Who knew that basic rug maintenance could be so simple?

Tip #6 – Keep Your Rug Away From Sunlight

So many people don’t consider the amount of damage that the sunlight can do to their rugs. Of course, it’s not a super-important requirement that rugs need to be kept totally away from UV rays, but it is definitely recommended.

For example, lots of folks clean their rugs and then hang them outside in the sun to dry, which is, clearly, a bad idea. However, they don’t realize the damage that the sunlight is really doing. The rays tend to age carpets and rugs significantly, particularly those with darker colors.

Try to keep yours away from these harmful rays, and it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll last longer.