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The Difference Between A Sunroom And A Conservatory

Sunrooms and conservatories are desirable and popular in the United Kingdom. They are similar and are often considered by people to be the same thing. In fact, a sunroom and a conservatory are two different rooms with distinct features. Let’s look at some of the similarities and differences between these two types of rooms thanks to Eco Bi Fold.



A sunroom is a room that is attached to a house with walls made entirely of glass for maximum sunlight exposure. The room is considered to be part of the house. Though the walls are made up of a lot of windows and glass, the roof is not. The roof will be an extension of the roof on the home. It will be made of the same materials as the rest of the house.

A sunroom is climate controlled via the air conditioning and heating system of the house. The room therefor is comfortable for the occupants of the house to use year round. Because the roof is made from solid materials the sun does not shine through the roof. Sunlight exposure is limited to the walls of the sunroom. A sunroom is a room that can be used for any purpose including a family room, or a room in which to grow plants. A sunroom allows people to enjoy the fullness of each season from a comfortable area.


A conservatory is a room has no connections to the house. It is a room made entirely of glass. This includes the roof. The room has absolute exposure to the sun from every angle.

Because the HVAC system is not attached to the conservatory, it can become very cold in the winter and very warm in the summer. The use of a conservatory is then considered to be seasonable.

The season-ability of the conservatory is acceptable for most times of the year. As a matter of fact conservatory owners normally use the conservatory for three out of four seasons of the year. With a glass roof and walls, the sunlight beaming through will make temperatures rise considerably. The temperature inside a conservatory is usually much warmer than the temperature of the outdoors at any given time.

A sunroom or a conservatory can be built from the ground up. The cost varies depending on the size of the room and the quality of the chosen materials. However, most hardware stores feature sunrooms and conservatory’s that are ready made. The ready-made versions are considerably less expensive than the constructed and built rooms.

Conservatories were originally owned by the wealthy. They used the conservatory in winter months to cultivate their plants. They also used their conservatory as a dining area or as a sitting room. The conservatory gave the illusion of eating outdoors without worry of weather or insects. It was an extravagance afforded by few.

The sunroom was the natural evolution of the conservatory. For people who live in regions where summers were short or winters extreme; the sunroom was a little piece of outdoors with the comfort of heating and air conditioning. The sunroom was built onto the home and the roof extended over it.

Many people believe the sunroom is the best of both worlds. It is like have a four season patio. A sunroom is a welcome addition. Some use the sunroom as an enclosed patio or as a sitting room.

A sunroom and a conservatory are a wonderful addition to any home. Adding a sunroom or conservatory to a home increases the property value. It creates a lovely and unique area for owners and visitors to enjoy.

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