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Why It’s Better To Opt For Real Wood Furniture

Choosing furniture can be quite exciting, particularly if it’s your first home. After all, the style of furniture you pick says an awful lot about you so it’s important to get it right. However, it’s not just the style that’s important, it’s what the furniture is manufactured from as well that can have an impact on the look it creates. So, what are the options out there? We asked that exact question!

Flat Pack Furniture

Well one option would be to go for the much cheaper flat pack variety. Produced in vast quantities it does have the advantage of keeping the prices down, but it does mean that often quality is compromised by this. Of course if quantity is more important than quality then by choosing this type of furniture you will get more pieces for your money than if you invested in the real wood versions. It just means you’ll need to replace it all far sooner.

Veneered Furniture

The next step up from flat pack imitation furniture would be perhaps veneered furniture. Whilst it will never be of the same standard as the solid wood variety, it can bridge the gap between  imitation and solid wood and because of its real wood veneer will have the outward appearance of solid wood furniture. Of course, once again this type of furniture will not last as long as anything manufactured from solid wood and will display signs of wear and tear.

Solid Wood Furniture

The most long lasting and visually pleasing type of furniture is of course the solid wood variety. Constructed with more traditional joints and often built by craftsmen and not robots, you’ll find a much higher class of furniture. It will be unique in appearance and will mellow as it ages taking on its own individual patina. It’s certainly the best type of furniture to spend your money on and will enable you to choose the best finish for your needs