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Window Replacement Companies – Seperating The Good From The Bad

Many companies are experts in promoting themselves but there are only some companies which can be called truly professional and which fulfil their claims while others merely make claims without living up to them. There are two major window replacement companies in winnipeg but while one of them can be truly said to perform in all respects, the other falls flat in the face of its claims.

Winnipeg Ecoline windows and AWD specialists are two of the biggest window replacement companies in winnipeg and they can be compared in terms of their performance in the different segments. This company has been rated very highly in some of the most famous websites such as and the BBB. However, ratings do not say everything there is to say about a particular service. It is of course true that a poor rating from websites usually translates into poor service overall but it also true that a good rating is not the guarantee of a good service. Therefore, it can be safely said that the good rating received by Ecoline does not make them a better company than others.

Drawbacks of Econline Windows

Among the many major drawbacks that this Edmonton Ecoline windows company has been charged with, one of them is that its Facebook page has minimal activity on part of the customers. Although the facebook page gives out posts at regular intervals, the page itself has quite a limited audience and the same audience is seen to interact with the page every time.

Ecoline has also received some very detailed critiques and reviews for the work that they have been receiving in replacing windows. Although they only work for replacing windows some detailed pictures have recently shown that the company has been shoddy in doing some work.

Another important drawback is the fact that they are not easily accessible since they do not want their customers to contact them on their website. Usually companies should be made more and more easily accessible to the customers providing various means of contacting them. Ecoline by this approach shows that they are not very comfortable in this. Also often Ecoline provides services which are very conditional and not at all customer friendly. A simple example of this is the fact that sometimes this company is hesitant in providing door replacements unless one orders a window replacement as well.  Another important drawback of the company is the fact that they do not possess a showroom and hence they do not provide transparency because the customers are unable to view the products before they purchase them.

AWD specialists are another company which provide window replacement services and are much more focused on providing services which are customer friendly and which provide a good experience for the customers. They are also very focused in providing transparency which is why even on the social media they have always posted pictures  The services that they provide are also not conditional in nature and they are also much dedicated to customer service rather than going for ratings on different websites. Therefore, AWD specialists are more than good competiton for Ecoline.